Fabric & wash

With a denim expertise researching the many innovative suppliers, materials, fibers suitable for your project, the complex process of fabric and shade selection becomes effective and efficient.

Matthew will work closely with designers and your brand team to understand the direction you’re planning.

Fabric and wash selection begins in a collaborative approach that identifies the best options to achieve the right wash techniques and fabric choices.

Development follows, with several trials that the studio facilitates – based on the goals set out at the start of the project.



  • Close collaboration with laundries to create innovative washes
  • Innovation on denim and color through garment dye
  • A unique ability to create a focussed, distinct denim product
  • Guiding the pairing of wash techniques specific to selected materials and styles
  • Influencing the editing and brand filters for denim
  • Creating brand mood boards focused on emerging fabric and finishing trends
  • Providing perspective and insight on fabric trends
  • Exclusive fabric developments
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