Saam Studio was established by Matthew Saam in 2013 in downtown Los Angeles, California after a long career working within iconic global fashion brands.

The primary aim of the studio is to provide clients with a complete and effective made-to-measure denim consultancy.

This is achieved through an application of innovative concepts, denim research, design, development and wet process finishing with an ecologically minded and efficient approach.

Matthew offers clients end-to-end consultancy in;


Matthew Saam

“My connection to denim began more than 20 years ago while studying Apparel Design at the Rhode Island School of Design where I began experimenting distorting and distressing fabrics to transform the material in a sculptural manner. This has remained a theme in my work to the present day.”

“In 2013, I launched a hand-crafted luxury jean business for Tom Ford. This structure of creative professionals and manufacturing expertise, entirely made in Los Angeles, led to the establishment of an independent consultancy which as it has grown has become Saam Studio”

“Today, our range of apparel making expertise is centered around denim but offers extensive experience with washed knits.”

“The studio offers hands-on product development support. I work closely with global fabric sources and a network of suppliers here in Los Angeles and combine that deep resource with a heightened awareness to detail.”

“My goal is a reputation of consistency, thorough communication, transparency and integrity on all business matters.”


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